Accelerico 360° VR Streaming Platform

Immersive content requires impressive bandwidth

Truly immersive 360° VR content requires significantly higher bandwidth for delivery, compared to traditional video content. 4K UHD is barely enough for acceptable VR experience today. For truly cinematic VR, 16K video is the way to go.

However, with the existing VR technology, delivery of 360° VR content is limited to home environments with fast broadband. Otherwise the video quality is too poor for an acceptable user experience, making live streaming of high quality 360° VR content to mobile / WiFi customers practically impossible today.

Solution: Our technology enables live streaming of high quality 360° VR content to mobile customers while providing unprecedented user experience.

Stream Like the King!

Accelerico VR 360° Streaming Platform significantly reduces (up to 4x) bandwidth requirements by perceptually adaptive streaming, focusing on what is the most important to the customer at any given moment.

Intelligent Accelerico software module embedded on the VR player side dynamically predicts with low latency user’s viewing region of interest, and retrieves the relevant parts of the video with the highest fidelity from your CDN servers.

Our solution enables you to:

  • Deliver 360° VR content to customers where this was previously impossible (e.g. cellular networks, lower speed residential broadband)
  • Reduce the download bandwidth consumption for 360° VR content by up to 4x
  • Increase the quality / fidelity of the 360° VR content that can be delivered to the customer (e.g. stream 4K instead of Full HD)

Accelerico 360° VR Streaming Platform is based on worldwide standards: MPEG DASH and H.265 / HEVC. No modifications are needed to your existing CDN infrastructure to fully enjoy the benefits of Accelerico technology (if your streaming infrastructure is not based on MPEG DASH, we are happy to discuss integration in solutions other than MPEG DASH, for example HLS etc.).


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